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Guarana as a coadjuvant in the pursuit of well-being

by in Products 24 July 2020

Balance in life ensures a feeling of fullness  Guarana is an Amazon native plant, genuinely Brazilian, initially used by the Maués indigenous people in Amazonas in past centuries, for its stimulant and medicinal properties. In Brazil, the variety cultivated is called sorbilis, native from the Amazon region, produced mainly by farming families that employ a […]

High quality Yerba Mate 🌿

by in Products 9 April 2020

Ready for you!  Hello! I’m very glad to tell you about our EU Certified Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis).  100% traceability  100% native: high in caffeine content    Processed through “sapecagem”      Free from Anthraquinone and PAH   100% tested in European laboratories.  Due to its tonic, stimulant and diuretic properties, Mate helps to combat fatigue […]

Organic Green Acerola

by in Products 16 October 2019

What are the main benefits of green acerola? In today’s world, we are all continously seeking ways to feel better in our bodies through Nature.  Indeed, the return to the benefits of our nurturing mother becomes, for many, a real need. However, it is still necessary to know what to take.  Here is a short […]

New products: Baru Nut and Guayusa

by in Products 15 July 2019

New tastes at RDV Products: the Baru Nut and Guayusa New source of proteins, the Baru Nut came from a large tree called “Baruzeiro” with its fruits. The baru tree is quite large, growing up to 80 feet in height. The nuts come from the fruits which grow on it and are wild-collected in the […]