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We are certified by Fair Trade and Fair For Life. And we can even negotiate Ginseng on the European market because we have this certification as a 100% Organic product.

Guilherme Vitorino dos Santos, Ginseng Producer from ASPAG

Experts in Guarana

I have been working with Guarana for 37 years.

Conceição Bernardes Monteiro, Guarana Producer from Agrofrut
Training of over 100 producers with focus on Quality and Hygiene
Application of Organic and Fair Trade certifications

Yerba Mate from Southern Brazil

We have an innovative process we call “sapecagem”. This process is performed with hot water and steam. Our drying process is also different because it has no contact with the smoke either. We use forced hot air dryers where the yerba mate has no contact with fire or smoke, giving our product a differentiation and making it free of Anthraquinone and PAH.

João Neri, Producer