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Guarana as a coadjuvant in the pursuit of well-being

by in Products 24 July 2020

Balance in life ensures a feeling of fullness 

Guarana is an Amazon native plant, genuinely Brazilian, initially used by the Maués indigenous people in Amazonas in past centuries, for its stimulant and medicinal properties. In Brazil, the variety cultivated is called sorbilis, native from the Amazon region, produced mainly by farming families that employ a large amount of labor force. Guarana is a climbing plant with woody and flexible branches that, when cultivated in open areas it reaches approximately 3 meters high and when cultivated in agroforestry systems it develops creepers that can reach 10 meters, but does not harm the growth of other cultures.

Brazil is the only commercial producer of guarana. The production occurs in larger quantity in the states of Amazonas, Bahia and Mato Grosso.

The annual average temperature for a better development of guarana is between 23Cº to 28Cº, with pluviometric precipitation of 1.500 to 3.000 mm/year. These conditions are found in the state of Amazonas and in the south of Bahia. It is recommended to be cultivated in areas with deep soils, well drained with texture ranging from medium to clay and without stoniness.

Guarana’s fruit is used in powder form, extracts, among others. It has many properties: antioxidant, natural energizer, it improves the capacity of concentration and focus, it helps to increase performance in training and concentration to study. It also improves the mood. The powder is rich in flavonoids and saponins. It is also used in the production of beverages, ice creams, body lotions, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and handcrafts.

It is commercialized in clean and roasted grains, in pieces or in powder by industries for the retail trade, for the production of beverages, teas and energy drinks.

The guarana fruit is rich in caffeine (its powder state can possess up to three times more caffeine than coffee, requiring attention when it is consumed), it is used in substitution of coffee, and it also provides more energy. It helps promote the feeling of pleasure and well-being. 

It is suggested the use of 2g to 5g of guarana powder per day (one teaspoon), always in the morning to give energy.

Valdeir Alves de Souza, Agronomy Engineer, Master’s degree in Agroecosystems, Family peasant farmer,  Practitioner of agroecological and agroforestry production systems, Management technician in rural cooperatives.

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