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RDV Products

RDV Products is a producer of natural, organic and traditional products of Brazil, for the agri-food, pharmaceutic and cosmetic sectors.

Producer and transformer, RDV is located in Brazil and France.

The production of plants and the agronomic expertise

RDV Products produces in Brazil and Amazon the raw materials and organic and conventional ingredients it imports in France.

The mastery of agronomic support, organic certifications, fair trade and quality, and logistical and documentary processes, allows it to guarantee security of supply, quality optimization, and traceability.

We offer more than 30 certified products, from secure and mastered sectors. Many projects supporting these sectors, allow the sustainable management of the environment and the support to the local populations.

Industrial transformation expertise, in Brazil and France

We develop and master plant transformation processes (innovative steam drying process, low temperature debacerisation, cutting, grinding, micronisation, blends), and fruit processing processes (pulp extraction, concentration, atomization, freeze-drying).

By combining the security of supply and the implementation of innovative processes, we are pioneers to market differentiated products that maintain their optimal level of active ingredient (mate without smoke compound, concentrated extracts of Suma (Brazilian ginseng / Pfaffia), acerola, and guarana Bio- fair, among others).

The production of custom finished products in France

RDV Products custom-made, with its own products and according to specifications co-drafted with its French and foreign customers, food supplements, infusions and food. RDV ensures for its customers the conformity of its products with the regulations. In addition, the RDV team provides visual elements for labeling and marketing, Bio, Fair Trade, HACCP and CSR certifications, and suggests and validates packaging and POS.

RDV ensures a guarantee of availability of raw materials and finished products in its Veigné (37) warehouse in France.

Our Mission

Our mission is to propose high quality products, in total respect of the Man and Nature, by establishing socio-economic and ecological criteria with our partners.

Our Values

Social responsibility
Full respect to human and the environment Sustainability &  CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility & Environmental Responsibility).

Why choose

RDV Products

Fair Trade

Fair For Life / Flocert

For the producers, there is the insurance of a correct and stable price, as well as a means for the communities to organize themselves with autonomy and to be able to launch their own collective projects of local development.

Fair Trade is important to constantly improve the quality of life and work of the producers.

Our company is certified by Ecocert, the importation structure ensures quality and transparency to our customers and partners.

Certified in Organic Agriculture, RDV Products ensures quality, transparency and traceability for our customers and partners.

We are the first company to achieve the Flocert Certification for Guarana and Yerba Mate. We also have Fair For Life certification for Suma (Pffafia) and for Yerba Mate.


We create valuable products from rainforest plants for consumers. We have also implemented forest management projects to preserve biodiversity and the harvesting of renewable resources like Tonka beans, Copaiba Oil, Andiroba, Guaraná. We make implantation of new crops on demand.


The RDV can count on historical partnerships with cooperatives and logistical and industrial partners. RDV has collaborated with Natorganico since 2007, with Agrofrut since 2008, and with Sabor do Mate since 2009


Recognized for its CSR commitments

The plants and oils we import are designed for distributors or manufacturers who are looking for high standard products and who are conscious of global ecological needs and necessity of local socio-economic initiatives for the preservation of the Amazon and its peoples.

With the limited number of intermediaries as well as the transparency of our partners, we can guarantee our customers high quality and traceability in the products we provide.​

RDV Products

How it all began

In 2004, Rémi Denecheau, founder of RDV Products, fell in love with Brazil and the richness of its biodiversity and its people. During the filming of ” Les Héritiers du Guarana “, when he found himself in direct contact with the indigenous peoples, he discovered a group of eco-friendly producers fighting for biodiversity and maintaining their culture. This is how the story of RDV Products began!

The company activities have started with a focus on Guarana, in partnership with the Agrofrut Producers’ Cooperative, in Urucará, Amazonia. With this support, the Agrofrut company and the farmers’ cooperative received their first Organic certification: months of hard work dedicated to adding value to a product of the highest quality. In the course of time, the support projects and the activity of RDV Products have spread to other Brazilian cooperatives and products such as Suma, Açaí, Acerola and Yerba Mate.

RDV Products provides ongoing support to producers’ cooperatives. Thanks to its commitment to many socio-economic and environmental actions, RDV Products have been able to implement many projects in agreement with its mission of offering quality products that respect people and nature.

Our mission is to offer quality products to distributors and manufactures and bring awareness to environmental issues.

Our audiovisual communication sector, RDV Productions, produces films and reports to promote products and projects.